LCCC Online

Online Course FAQs

There are a several questions that we are asked about LCCC Online and the courses that we offer.  This webpage contains a list of questions that we most frequently answer for our potential and current students.

  • Are LCCC's online courses accredited?
    Yes. The online courses have the same accreditation status as our traditional courses. Your transcript will show the name of the course, when you took it, and your final grade but not include the delivery method.
  • Can I complete my entire course online or do I have t come to campus for part of it?

    Some online courses may require that you take your exams in the Testing Center in the Student Services Center on the Main Campus in Schnecksville.

    • For example, many math courses require proctored exams.
    • If an online course at LCCC requires that a student come to campus, contact your instructor at the start of the semester if this is a problem for you. They will have alternate suggestions for students who are unable to travel to Main Campus.

    All hybrid courses require that at least 50 percent of instruction occur in a face-to-face classroom. 

  • Do students have to sit down at their computers at the same time every day?
    Not for most online courses. Some courses have group meetings online. This varies by course. For some courses you leave your written comments or work for others to see, and check in at a later time to pick up the responses to those messages. But, you might also have a group meeting of a few students to discuss the work that was posted. Some courses might have very little interaction online between the students. These meetings are scheduled as part of the course but have the same flexibility that is a key part of online courses.
  • Do students pay extra for online classes?

    LCCC Online courses do not directly have any additional fees but additional proctoring fees may apply.

  • How do I get started in an online course?
    1. Register for an online course as you would for any other course on campus.
      • If you are a new student at LCCC, contact the Admissions Office for information.
      • If you are a returning student, you may register in the Registration/Student Records (also known as, Enrollment Services) Office or online.
    2. Get your required books and supplies. The College Bookstore can help locate what you need for each course.
    3. To access your online course go to the College's web site and log into myLCCC.  Then click on "Connect to Online Courses" in the LaunchPad on the left side of the page.
  • How many hours per week do students devote to an online course?
    The amount of time spent in an online course is no different than a normal face-to-face course. Students generally spend between 9-12 hours of per week for each 3-credit 15-week course. If you are knowledgeable in the course content or read quickly, you may spend less time. If you have difficulty with that particular subject, read slowly, or English is a Second Language, you may need to spend more time than the average student.
  • Is taking an online class secure?
    Only uniquely identified, authenticated and authorized users may access restricted computer systems. Students access BannerWeb and the learning management system via single sign-on authentication by logging into the myLCCC Portal.

    LCCC employs various measures to protect the security of its computing resources and of their users’ accounts. All users are required to safeguard user IDs and passwords assigned to them for various systems. Sharing of passwords for any system is strictly prohibited.

    Students who lose or forget their myLCCC username or password should contact the Office of Registration/Student Records at 610-799-1171 for assistance.
  • What type of computer do I need?
    You need a computer (either Windows or Mac) and an Internet connection. If you are using a Windows computer, it is recommended that you have at least Windows 7 installed as your operating system. If you are using a Mac, it is recommended that you have at least 10.9 (Maverick) installed as your operating system. Whether you are using Windows or Mac, it is recommended that you always have the latest updates from Microsoft or Apple installed on your computer.

    For the most part, mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are compatible with the WebStudy learning management system (LMS), BUT there are some features will not will work. Since some of the features will not work, it is recommended that a mobile device not be the only way that you access the LMS.
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