Online Learning Evaluation


Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Online courses might be convenient but not necessarily easier.  Many students like the flexible scheduling and the control they have over their own learning when taking courses online.  However, it is important to note that these college-level courses will be just as demanding as traditional face to face courses while requiring the student to learn new ways of participating and interacting with the instructor, fellow students, and the course content.

Quiz Questions

Read each question below, and then select the one answer that is most true for you from the answers provided. Add the scores that appear next to each answer to generate a score which will help you determine if Online Learning is your best option.  There are no right or wrong answers, so be honest.

My technology access is best described as:

My technology skills are:

Face-to-face communication is:

When I need help in class:

The amount of uninterrupted time I have to devote to an online class is:

I would describe my personal style as:

My reading and writing abilities are:

Analyzing class materials and expressing my opinions about them I feel:

Class discussions are:

I am considering taking online courses because:

Add up the points from the answers you selected.

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