Tips for Success

How Do I Get Started?
  • Familiarize yourself with how to access your course(s) through the LCCC Portal
  • Access the Canvas learning management system (LMS) by signing into the myLCCC Portal and click on ‘Connect to Online Courses in Canvas’ link in the LAUNCHPAD
  • Spend some time in each course exploring the course by downloading and reading the syllabus, other materials, and exploring the course in Canvas
  • Make sure that your computer and your software are up to date.
  • Contact your instructors to introduce yourself and make sure you know how to best contact them
How to Succeed
  • Complete the Canvas Student Orientation
  • Set up a schedule to complete your coursework and stick to it
  • Avoid any influences that will prevent you from completing your work
  • Contact your instructor with any questions
  • Check in to the course often to look for any new information
  • Keep copies of EVERYTHING you submit
Seek Help Early!
  • DO NOT WAIT TO ASK FOR HELP!  The longer you wait the bigger the issue becomes.
  • Your instructor should be the first person you contact.  They can usually offer the best and quickest solution.  Their contact information should be in your syllabus.
  • Use all available resources.  There is a list of resources in a course called "LCCC Resources" in Canvas at  This course can also be found by clicking on the thumb-tack icon that appears on the left-side navigation bar of Canvas.
  • Ask questions by contacting us or Canvas Support.
Asking Questions
  • Read the course introduction/syllabus for your online class carefully to find out how best communicate with the instructor. 
  • Some instructors will ask you to post all questions to a class discussion forum while others will ask you to email them directly to the instructor.
  • Identify how or when you can contact your instructor for office hour appointments.
  • Take advantage of all available methods to ask questions to instructors and fellow students such as e-mail, forums, video conference, etc
  • Log on to your online classroom several times a week so that you can take part in online discussions and read all messages in a timely manner.
Time Management Skills
  • Start early by reviewing the coursework as soon as it is made available.  
  • Save it or download the assignments so you can work on it away from your computer if needed
  • Plan your work:  Determine how and when you will complete the coursework
  • Create a schedule that will help you stay on your schedule.   
  • Set Your own deadlines to complete your coursework before they are due.
  • Review your work for any errors or problems before submitting it. 
Organization Skills
  • Develop a routine that works for you that promotes success
  • Create a personal work space where you can complete our work and keep it organized
  • Save your work and keep copies of everything that you submit
  • Use a daily planner or calendar to keep yourself on schedule 
Study Skills
  • WRITE! Write things down.  You tend to remember something better if you write it.
  • READ!  Stay current with the reading assignments for your courses.
  • SWITCH! Switching between classes can offer a mental break between subjects.
  • BREAKS! Take breaks to avoid overloading on one subject.
  • COMFORT.  You are more likely to avoid distractions and focus on your work if you are comfortable.
  • TALK!  By communicating with classmates you can share information or study together.
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